Not wanting to settle for a computer that looks like everyone elses' in a sea of Beige and Grey boxes.....Why should iMacs have all the fun?

After my old '386 went to the Bit Bucket in the Sky, I bought a '586 which was a mid-tower case. Before I started to put the hardware inside, I spent some time making sure that my home box looked like nobody else's!

Another distinct advantage of having a Case Mod on your computer is when you bring it in for service and you call them to see if the job is done, they always know which computer you're talking about!

A signature feature of my case mods is that the Power Button is coloured a nice bright RED. Call me old-fashioned, but I really miss the days of the old IBM PC (and Clones) that had that big red paddle switch, or Big Red Switch (BRS)

Some of my case mods are for sale, click on the 'FOR SALE' link to contact me to arrange payment and delivery. All cases for sale include the Power Supply.

This is the result.....

Alien Inside

This was my first Case Mod

Mid-Tower AT case:
Purple Fur faceplate and faux 'Intel Inside' sticker that reads 'Alien Inside'

Nerd Inside

My second Case Mod

Full-Tower AT case:
Pearlecent Purple faceplate and faux 'Intel Inside' sticker that reads 'Nerd Inside'. Case cover is upholstered with faux Black Sequinn fabric over 1 inch foam.
The cover extends 5 inches beyond the back of the computer so the case can be pushed right up against the wall and the cables hidden from view.


My third Case Mod

My wife's and eventually my kid's computer.
Mid-Tower AT case:
Matching brown fur faceplate. Case cover is upholstered with a Teddy Bear from IKEA.


(L) Case w/ sliding front down
(R) Case w/ sliding front up
My fourth Case Mod

Full-Tower ATX case:
Lots of Purple paint and Purple Polar Fleece on sliding front.
Power and HDD LEDs have been re-lamped with Bright White and Bright Blue LEDs.

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