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The Coaster Garden Project:

Various metal garden Shepherds Crooks and CD-ROM disks

Approximate Total Coaster count = ~41400!!!!!

Coaster Garden 02

NOTE: Single coasters and/or Blue Lantern hanging from end of Garden Crook(s) is coaster growth in progress.
Large Garden Crooks hold ~1350 Coasters
Small Garden Crooks hold ~925 Coasters

Coaster Garden 02 @ Night!
The Coaster Garden has BLOOMED!
Well actually I realised that something needed to be done to dress up and improve the garden as a whole.
As I have *so* many coasters, I figured a few could be spared to make Coaster Flowers!


If you wish to help fertilize my Coaster Garden I have two ways:

1 - You can just click here for details on where and how to send your contribution of CD-ROM(s)

2 - If you don't have any CD-ROM(s) to contribute but wish to give to my cause (Garden crooks DO cost money) you can utilize the click-thru below to make donations

All contributors will be be listed here as patrons of my artwork.
If you wish not to be listed here, please let me know, and I will honour your request.

Coaster Garden Patrons & Contributors

Extraordinary Special kudos and recognition go to these Patrons for their contributions up to, or exceeding in excess of 1000 Coasters!
Jen "Plaid" Ramsey

The Anthony Family (plus a Garden Crook!)
Richard Cossel
Jo Abbott

very special recognition goes to these Patrons, for the Incredible Distances their Coaster Contribution has traveled to Grow My Garden!
Marion & Dave Horrod - Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

Co-Workers & Clients
Recognition goes to those I work with or clients/customers I serve in the course of my job(s) past & present
  • Dennis Zarrahy - Durham School Services, Baldwin Park CA
  • Blanca & Elena Dubon - Roosevelt School, Pomona CA
  • Frank Hernandez - Pueblo Elementary, Pomona CA
  • Samserey Lopez - Pueblo Elementary, Pomona CA
  • Marvin L. Piwonka - Durham School Services, Baldwin Park CA
  • Patrons here deserve recognition for their Coaster Contribution, helping to grow my garden!

    What do you do with those ubiquitous Freebie CD-ROMs you get in your mailbox asjunk mail?

    We collectively refer to them as "Coasters" because they're all pretty much good for is to prevent those condensation rings on your furniture from your beverages!

    Most of these 'Freebies' end up in the dustbin, only to clutter up & occupy space in our landfills, where they'll probably will take hundreds to thousands of years to break down under the onslaught of Mother Nature.

    Coasters can also be had from a defective or badly encoded CD-R or CD-RW.

    The full artistic potential to be wrought from the lowly Coaster became apparent during my first trip in 1997 to the Burning Man Festival. There I saw myriad applications of a throwaway product turned into art, decoration, and costuming!

    I had collected a nice stack of these things myself & needed a place to store them. I spindled them on a metal Garden Crook you would use to hang a plant or a lantern. I soon realised that I would need LOTS of coasters to fill up the garden crook! When I completed my first one, I liked what I saw!

    In the process, I'll be doing my small part to help eliminate this needless waste & provide a Sanctuary & Preserve for these poor blighted victims of the Information Age!

    Media Attention!

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