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200702.03 - Is It Really a Holiday?

It's August. The Burning Man Festival isn't over and it isn't Labor Day yet.

The local Big! Lots shelves are being stocked with Christmas Stuph!.....WTF?

I seem to recall as a kid, that no merchant worth their salt
would even dare to put up a single piece of Holiday Decor until December rolls around!
Have our Holidays come to the sorry state where you wonder
if our Holidays were created for the Marketing ploys,
or whether the Marketing ploys were created for the Holidays?
I used to quip that you knew that it was the impending Winter Holiday Season
when the TV ads aired for The Clapper and Chia Pets!

Is the Dog wagging its Tail, or is the Tail wagging the Dog?

I shudder to think that our children are getting the wrong impression
that the Birthdays of Lincoln, Washington, and Dr Martin Luther King
are cause to celebrate with sales of Home Appliances, Cars, and Mattress'?
It's because of this blatant consumptionists' blitz of adverting,
that for the last several years I have observed Buy Nothing Day.
I hand make food gifts as much as possible.
You have no idea of the rave reviews I get from my Infamous Cinnamon 'N Sugar!
We need to take a step back and re-examine what it's come down to.
We should stop buying into what's being sold to us,
and truly remember who/what we are supposed to be celebrating.

200611.09 - The Music Industry:
You've dug your own grave, now go lie in it!

It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to see why the Music Industry's losing money.....

They brought it upon themselves!

The failure of the industry to adapt to many of the changes and technological advances,
combined with an outdated business model is largely at fault.

More and more musical artists are recording and mixing their own music.
The Labels are being asked more and more to be in the position as distributors.
The net result is that Production and Studio Time is no longer being charged to the Artist.....
A loss of revenue.

The music industry today is signing up to 50% fewer artists.....
Another loss of revenue

Of the 50% fewer signings, we have these "wonderful" so-called demographics-driven
Laboratory Boy Bands and Brittany-Clones.

Who wants to listen to this crap?.....
A loss of revenue

The average price of a Compact Disc (even when adjusted for Inflation and decreasing media and material costs)
has remained more or less constant for over 20 years.
The content of these same CDs only gives us only a few good tunes
with a total running time of just over 45minutes on a form factor that can hold 76minutes.
The consumer feels cheated and curtails their buying habits.....
A loss of revenue

Illegal downloading is only a small part of the losses. In many industries, the mantra is Adapt or Die.
Napster was and should have been a shot across the bow of a moribund and shortsighted industry
that's so complacent in its ways to not see the inevitable where one of the future advances of music allowed for digital distribution.

What was the Industry Response?
Instead of really trying to understand, adapt and cooperate to a digital distribution system
that had totally blindsided them, they chose to unleash a bevy of lawyers instead.

Then the most galling response of all,
they go crying to the Government for help like a bunch of Spoiled Little Babies!.....
Excuse Me? You need HELP?

I'm sorry, wasn't this whole sorry mess mostly a result of Your Own Actions and Doing?
How about holding the reins of Responsibility here and take a little Ownership For Your Mistakes.
Don't expect to get any help or sympathy from the disaffected customer/consumer
or from the Cheated Artists
who only see mere Pennies from each CD sold.

Your Clients and Customers are your Daily Bread And Butter.....
It's just not a good business practice to screw them over.
You've dug yourself into a nice pretty little hole here.
You'll just have to go and pull yourself out
because the very people that would have given you a hand,
you went and bit them!

200607.13 - WaMu Free Checking Is No Bargain

Washington Mutual Bank's, WaMu Free Checking's Free Checks For Life is No Bargain.
I've spent the better part of a month and FOUR Trips (with $3+/gallon gasoline) to Branch Offices vainly trying to get my checks printed CORRECTLY.
With all due honesty, the fault lies not with Washington Mutual.
The fault lies directly upon their sub-contractor Deluxe Checks, who handles WaMu's Check Printing.
The whole crux of my trouble lies within something so minor as to be Laughably Ludicrous!

It's Lower Case Text!

I've had my email address printed on my checks for at least 15 years.
It's quite a well known fact that email address' are in Lower Case.
It was WaMu's Free Checks For Life offer among a few other perks that I figured that I could save a little money on Check Printing Costs.
I resigned myself to the TANSTAAFL* Principle that there would be a little work on my part.
But 30 days later and an Hour Wasted by myself and a WaMu Branch Manager as Deluxe Checks made us do a needless Silly Walk and a process so onerous
as to make Free Check Printing (not so free as Deluxe wanted $90 to print Lower Case Letters, a charge that WaMu was graciously going to absorb) not even worth the Time, Trouble, and Effort!
What's so Staggeringly Amazingly Incredible is that at least Three Smaller Check Printing Companies can fill my order to my specifications without any trouble, and less than a THIRD of the Cost.
This is in painfully stark contrast to one of the Largest Check Printing Companies with Contracts with Major Banking Institutions,
is incapable of doing What The Customer Wants unless it's Expensive, Onerous, or Painfull.
It just goes to prove that Larger isn't always Better.

My solution to this problem?

I'm going to one of these smaller companies and sending my bank the bill!

*TANSTAAFL = There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

200607.05 - Let's Extend and Expand The "Do Not Call List"

The National Do Not Call List that was enacted into law was certainly a Good Thing.
But it still doesn't go far enough for my tastes.
Since our Lawmakers (also read as Politicians) made the law, they also drafted the Text of this law.....
They Drafted Text that OH-SO-CONVENIENTLY exempted themselves!

I for one, do not want ANY Telephone Solicitations of ANY KIND!

My Wife and I particulary dread the Two Month Period preceeding an election cycle (general and primary) that's when the phone starts ringing and subjecting us to numerous political pitches.
Even if we don't answer, our answering machine gets filled up with this tripe, thanks to pre-recorded messages.
Most of these calls you can't inform them to never call back because it's a recorded message.
And the real people calling you doesn't work either because the candidates and organizations are never the same each time around,
so it's next to impossible to opt out entirely or permanently.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!

I want to opt out.

200607.01 - HMO: Hate Management Organization

We have some of the best Doctors and Medicine/Medical Technology in the world, but our Medical Coverage System is Embarrassingly Abysmal.
It is a Testimony to the sad state of affairs on a trip to the ER, one of the FIRST Questions is that of Insurance Coverage, AKA "Can You Pay Us?"
It is a Testimony to the sad state of affairs when MEDICAL DECISIONS are not made by Doctors but by Beuoraucrats and Bean Counters.
When these same Bean Counters re-classify procedures so as to under-reimburse Doctors/Hospitals.
It is a Testimony to the sad state of affairs when Doctors resort to unionization not for better pay,
but to have a Collective Bargaining Unit so as to wrest these Medical Decisions back into their hands where it so rightly and logically belongs!
It is a Testimony to the sad state of affairs when patients DIE while waiting for the HMO's "Authorization" of procedures.
It is a Testimony to the sad state of affairs when a grieving father testifies in front of Congress that his son died while wrangling with his HMO
over denial of Radiation Therapy that they deemed "experimental" despite the Medical Establishments' acceptance of this proven and established procedure that's been used for over 3 Decades!
It is a Testimony to the sad state of affairs that so many people go without Medical Insurance because it sucks so much money from their paychecks that it leaves behind too little to survive upon.
It is a Testimony to the sad state of affairs when doctors spend more time wending through HMO paperwork and beaurocracy than in patient care.
It is a Testimony to the sad state of affairs when the HMOs' machinations pit our Doctors against the Hippocratic Oath's edict of Do No Harm.
Much needed Fixes and Reform are desparately needed to Reign in Costs and Profitmongering,
to eliminate the paperwork, to reduce or eliminate the beaureaucratic boondoggles and delays.
These fixes and much more are so despearately needed or the HMOs' will find themselves among the first Against The Wall When The Revolution Comes!

200605.01 - Let Them Marry

A Constitutional Ammendment to ban same-sex marriages is a Bad Thing.
A quick look will show that Ammendments grant or clarify Rights and Freedoms.
History has shown that an Ammendment to Deny or Ban has not worked or made a situation worse.
Prohibition did more to foster Organised Crime than anything else.
If two people love each other strongly enough to enter into a committed relationship of Matrimony, then by all means let them,
and let them enjoy the benefits and priveledges: sex of the couple notwithstanding.
I happen to know many gays/lesbians and can say that by and large that they tend to be a more Nicer, Decent, Caring, and Friendlier crowd
than many of the Heterosexuals I have had to deal with.
This segment of our population is not going away, nor are they going to go quietly.
To allow a few Religious and/or Conservatives to force Their Morals and/or Opinions down the throats of the rest of us is an affront to our Freedoms
and a disenfranchisement of a segment of our population.
Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals are not out there to Convert or Corrupt your children.
They only ask for Understanding and Acceptance.
These are the First weapons against Prejudice, Hate, and Intolerance.
We call ourselves a Progressive and Enlightened Country.....Then why haven't we followed England's example in legalizing same-sex marriage?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't England been around a Lot Longer than the USA?

Progressive and Enlightened Indeed!

And while we're at it, we should also allow these same couples to have/adopt children without impediment.
To me all that matters is that a child have parents that Love Them.

200604.30 - Larry Miller's Going To Hell!

If you don't live in Southern California, or if you do but don't listen to the radio or watch TV. You can count yourselves amongst the Lucky Mortals
who are spared the daily assaults on your Sanity, Soul, and Psyche perpetrated by what are probably the most Obnoxious Commercials to come down the pipe in Decades!
I'm talking about the Sit And Sleep commercials and Larry Miller who's the President and the Head Shrill.
It's really not this business' commercials that are obnoxious, it's about Larry's delivery of his company's tagline in a shriek-y, shrill voice.
His commercials are on practically every local radio and TV station.....with the exception of PBS and NPR (Thank Gods).
The now all too familiar screetch of Larry makes William Hung sound like Pavarotti,
and Osama bin Laden would probably disband Al Queda rather than hear Larry's fingernails-on-the-chalkboard delivery of his tagline again and again and again.
I know of quite a few people who won't buy a mattress from this idiot despite his low prices just because of his commercials!
(There's a dirty little secret amongst most places that sell mattress', none of them sell *exactly* the same mattress, making price matching and comparison nearly next to impossible!)
I'm convinced that Satan Himself has an extra special corner of Hell set aside for Larry Miller.
Here Larry will meet his Eternal Fate and Torment as he's strapped into a chair, his eyelids sewn open and a ball gag in his mouth.
It's here that Larry will be forced to endure ALL of his commercials in perpetuity!
And all the demons adding to his torment will resemble Irwin The Accountant!

200604.29 - Cingular Wireless Still SUCKS!

"A Leading Independent Research Firm." is quoted by Cingular
on it's Web Portal, in print ads, and on TV as determining that Cingular has the fewest dropped calls.
That's Funny, what's the NAME of this "Leading Independent Research Firm."?
Nowhere on Cingular's Web Portal could I find the Name of this so-called "Leading Independent Research Firm."
Nowhere (in Flyspeck 3 typeface) on TV or Print Ads could I find the Name of this so-called "Leading Independent Research Firm."
A phone call to Cingular yielded the same result

.....No-one could give me the NAME of this so-called "Leading Independent Research Firm."

So I sent a Letter to Cingular asking for a Simple Answer:
What is the NAME of this "Leading Independent Research Firm."?

..... I'm still waiting and I have yet to see a response.

I'm more than a little skeptical because only Two Months before Cingular's Claim, a respected publication by the name of CONSUMER REPORTS
rated Cingular's service quality at the Bottom of the list of the Top Four Wireless Carriers (Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint)
Is it Me or does Cingular's claim seem to be Outright Prevarication, False Advertizing, and Utter BS?
Cingular Wireless, Shame on you!
If you can't disprove me by giving us a Simple Straight Answer then I'll continue to say that CINGULAR STILL SUCKS!

200604.25 - Let 'Em Die, Let 'Em Suffer!

So what if Death By Lethal Injection is painful?
I'm pretty certain that the agony suffered by the condemned is far, far less
than that suffered of the victim(s), and that of their family and friends left behind.
Lethal Injection is somewhat an apt punishment, being put to sleep like some animal.
But, Bleeding Heart Lawyers trying to deem it Cruel And Unusual Punishment is galling to say the least.
The death (and/or the manner of death) of their victim(s) is by far more considered Cruel And Unusual Punishment in my book.
It costs about $50,000 a year to shelter, clothe, and feed one of these Death Row reprobates each year.
Money that should see better use. To put $50,000 in perspective, that same amount covers over Three Years of Mortgage on my house!
If these inmates prove to be unrehabilitatable, or the nature of their crime to be particularly heinous

.....then their only benefit to society is to not let them languish in a cell, but for them to be fertilizer!

200604.23 - Not Guilty by Reason of Celebrity

OJ Simpson and Robert Blake certainly show that you can get the best Justice That Money Can Buy.
You certainly can't begrudge them access to Legal Counsel.
Besides Martha Stewart, when was the last time you saw a Celebrity actually do some actual decent Bona Fide Hard Time?
If Tom Sizemore was some Regular Joe, do you think he'd Serve Time after failing a Piss Test
or trying to forge a Piss Test, which just happened to be a Term Of His Probation?

I Don't Think So!

What about Dennis Rodman's preferential treatment by the Newport Beach Police Department?
Now this is a Totally and a Bold-Faced Utterly Blatant Disparity.
I happen to know for a cold hard fact that if the NBPD shows up at your door after a THIRD noise complaint, someone's Going To Jail.
Did The Worm spend any time Behind Bars after 50+ noise complaints?


Whatever happened to "Equal Unto The Law"?

There appears to be a growing disparity in our Justice System
that seems to extend a Far Greater leniancy towards those who happen to be better known or famous.
How are we supposed to have confidence in our Legal System when there seems to be a caste/class system in place.

200604.13 - Automotive Stupidities

It stands to question the Auto Industry when they commit a WOMBAT (Waste Of Money Brains And Time)
towards developing products which make you wonder what the average IQ of the Focus Group or Auto Executive was
or what Ingested Substances were being abused by the same.

The quintessential classic naming boner.
A simple linguistic search would tell you that "No Va" is Spanish for "It Doesn't Go".
This only became apparent after, and only after abysmaly dismal sales figures were reported from Central and South America (Spanish is the dominant language),
and the Chevy Executives wondered 'why?' ..... DUH!

IMHO, Another naming boner.
What the **** is the name 'Leganza'?
It sounds like something you'd find on the menu at an Italian Restaurant!
"I'd like the Leganza with marinara sauce."

This car's Butt Uglier than the Ford Edsel!
It looks like it has Four Eyes and Two Sets of Nostrils, coupled with a freakish body design.
Any Transportation Design Instructor from Art Center in Pasadena would have given an 'F' to any student who would have drawn this thing!

HUMMER H2 and H3:
The H2 and H3 are to the Hummer as the California Roll is to Sushi.
California Rolls are Pseudo Sushi for people who want to make-believe they're eating sushi.
The H2 and H3 are essentially pickup trucks with crappier fuel economy thanks to the boxier unaerodynamic, Hummer-ish body bolted to the chassis.

When I think of the make of Lincoln, Towncar is the first word that comes to my mind.
In my mind's eye, I see a big Sedan with my Grandfather behind the wheel.
Imagine the mental disconnect when the Lincoln Blackwood comes out and it's a PICKUP TRUCK!

And not just any old Truck.....IT"S A $50,000 PICKUP TRUCK!

Turns out that a lot of people had the same dubious reaction.
The largest sales of this turkey happened to be primarily to Texans with more money than common sense or IQ!
These same people would have also bought the Hummer H2 or H3!

Here's a good one......Makes you wonder who's been drinking the Kool Aid.
Lets take a car with a underpowered Economy Car Engine and mate it with one of the most unaerodynamic body styles conceivable.
This effectively kills off any decent fuel economy!
Methinks that the 'B' in XB stands for BOX or BRICK.
Kudos to the Marketing People at Scion on convincing the buying public that buying a shoebox with tires is Cool!

200604.12 - Make Our Schools Safer

A lot has been done at our schools to make things safer for our students and teachers.
As a School Bus Driver, I can point out that there is still some lacking safety points lurking just outside the walls of these places of learning.
The safety hazzard itself lies with the PARENTS!
If you want to witness complete and blatant disregard for Traffic Laws, Regulatory Signage, and Curb Markings.
You don't have to go any further than your Local School in the Mornings or Afternoons! Add some rain and the vehicle traffic almost doubles!

What message are parents sending to their children that Acceptable Driving Behaviours in School Zones includes Speeding, Double and Triple Parking, Unsafe Lane Changes (accompanied by failure to use Turn Signals), Jaywalking, and other sundry Stupid Driver Tricks?

In an attempt to address this Safety Problem, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties have DOUBLED Traffic Fines imposed upon violations in School Zones.
I believe that traffic fines in School Zones should be TRIPLED NATIONWIDE.
With fines this high hitting harder and deeper upon wallets it would serve as a great monetary deterrent and attract a greater Law Enforcement presence.
Imagine the revenue enhancement this would bring to our communities.
For those who would oppose, I leave you with this thought.....How much money is your Child's Life Worth?

200604.05 - Corporate Executives: Tighten YOUR Belt, Not OURS!

Financial compensation of Corporate Executives in comparison to the Rank and File employees is outright Obscene.
These executives are raking in salaries and bonus' Hundreds of times higher than the lowest paid. Nowhere else in the World is there such a wage disparity.
Even more galling is executive pay in many cases is not tied to Performance, and some executives have seen Pay Raises in spite of Negative Corporate Financial Performance.

What's wrong with this picture?

What's also obscene is that these same executives force Cuts upon the Regular Joes, rather than take a sacrifice upon themselves that they can bear easier
than those who are earning wages are not keeping in line with Inflation and Cost Of Living.
If Corporate Executives wish to send an uncaring message and break the morale of the Rank And File.

This is just the way to do it!

Set an example when it comes to cost cutting and start with yourselves first, not the other way around.

200603.23 - Of The People, By The People, and For The People:
A Call For Greater Governmental Transparency

The recent Media Furor over Vice President Dick Cheney's involvement in a Quail Hunting Accident
just underscores the all-pervasive climate of Over-Secrecy that is inherent of the G W Bush Administration.
I agree that there has to be some degree of Secrecy in every US President's Administration as it pertains to National Security.
But the Hush Hush of so-called 'minor' incidents like this hunting accident which had absolutely no bearing upon National Security whatsoever.
It just makes you wonder what else is our current administration is trying to hide.
Our Media Organizations are wondering the same thing, and after being Stiff-Armed for the last Five Years they are rightfully upset.
Being the President of the United States of America is Temp Job lasting at best only Eight Years.
The President also has to realize that he is not above the law or rules.
We The People are HIS employer and it is WE THE PEOPLE who are the ones that ultimately Sign His Paycheck.
Mr President, as one of your Employers I have a vested interest in your Job Performance.
It does little good to Yourself and your Administration to hide things from us.
If and when the truth does come out, the consequences are always worse when we find out the truth was witheld (any kid will tell you that)

It's Lying By Ommission.

Candor may not always be welcome ..... But Candor first and foremost fosters an Environment of Trust.
And Trust is by far much easier to Lose than it is to Gain.

200603.18 - Stop Mollycoddling our Athletes!

"Why is it, I wonder, that anyone who displays superior athletic ability is an object of admiration to his classmates,
while one who displays superior mental ability is an object of hatred?
- I, ASIMOV: A Memoir _, Isaac Asimov. Bantam Books 1995, p. 4

The late Dr Asimov quoted above certainly puts it in a nutshell.
More needs to be done to keep some of our professional athletes under control.
So many kids and people look up to these sports celebrities. What message are they sending when their bad behaviours and drug/steroid use get news coverage?
Major League Baseball is to be commended for getting tough on Steroid use.....But expelling players after THREE dirty piss tests?
Come on! Get real!
We let Darryl Strawberry get away with Bad Behaviour and Failed Drug Tests after Failed Drug Tests,
again and again and again before anything concrete was finally done about the problem
For the rest of Regular Joes us it only takes ONE Dirty Piss Test and we're out.
To me this sends a message that a different standard of conduct and treatment is afforded to our athletes.
This is Just Plain Wrong. There has to be more Equity.
We need to start treating our athletes more like regular folks, stratospheric salaries or not.
They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like us.....So let treat them Just Like US!

200603.15 - Department of Homeland IN-Security

Is it only me, or do you *really* feel safe and secure against a potential terrorist attack?
It does wonders for the confidence of Americans when our Department of Homeland Security and Government
cannot even respond adequately to a Hurricane that's more or less telegraphed its intentions about 48 hours in advance?

200602.08 - USPS = United States Postal Stupidity

Last month I had to needlessly waste 5 minutes of my finite lifespan and my precious time.
The reason? I had to stand in line to purchase a $0.02 STAMP!
Granted our Postal Rates are among the lowest in the world. But it seems that the recent $0.02 raise in our Postal Rates certainly isn't buying anything more for our money.
This particular Post Office branch guilty of waste and lack of foresight (I'll get to that in a bit) happens to reside in West Covina.
The reason I had to wait in line was that the ONLY vending machine in the lobby wasn't stocked with $0.02 stamps.
This vending machine wasn't sold out of stamps of this denomination.....this machine just wasn't even stocked with $0.02 stamps!
Mind you that this USPS branch *knew* of the Rate Increase for at least Six to Nine months prior to January 8, 2006
.....Plenty of time to order the appropriate inventory or to have this vending machine replaced with one up to the task.
It's no big wonder that people refer to the USPS as US SNAIL!
US SNAIL is right. It's been ONE MONTH and that same vending machine still isn't stocked with $0.02 stamps!

US Postal Service: We DON'T Deliver For You!!!!!

.....Now don't even go and get me started about how postage rates should be able to be divided evenly by the Number 5!

200601.21 - Teaching "Intelligent Design"

Requiring that 'Intelligent Design' be taught as part of the curriculum of Biology,
makes as much sense as demanding that Astrology be part of the curricula of Astronomy!

200601.21 - Cingular Sucks!

My wife and I finally broke down and got cell phones three years ago.
Mainly because she was pregnant and was considered High Risk.
I did research on plans and features and price.
We decided on Cingular because they had the most affordable plan and allowed us to call each other with unlimited minutes.

We soon found out after a couple of weeks that you get what you pay for.

Cingular's coverage royally sucks!

The only location at my parent's house where you could probably get a signal
was to climb the stairs to the second floor, go into the bathroom on the North side of the house, and stand next to the window, which by the way had to be open!
Calls to my wife were dropped more often than a klutzy two-year-old's toy ball. We would have to re-dial each other an average of at least 3 times in a 10 minute conversation.
Calling Cingular Wireless' Customer Care to complain about the lousy signal coverage and dropped calls all but seemed to fal upon deaf ears.
Not once during our Contract Period did we see any appreciable improvement. Their response was to comp us more minutes.....next to useless because the most calls we made was to each other,
and for that we had unlimited minutes!
Offering us more minutes made as much sense as dumping a 5 gallon bucket of water into the Pacific Ocean and expect an appreciable rise in the sea level!
Meanwhile Cingular continued to run their slick adverts on the TV.
Even more galling was to see the full page colour ads daily in the LA Times.
Research tells me that to run ads like this costs $80,000/week.....couple this with running ads in the major papers across the US and you have an obscenely huge amount of money being spent on adverting.
Cingular would rather spend $80K/week in LA in ADS rather than purchase new towers at $20K apiece (this price doesn't include installation) to improve their infrastructure.
Did you know that the fastest way to get through to a Live Human when you call Cingular is to just choose the option that you wish to Discontinue Service? Your call gets bumped up to the top of the call cue.
My wife and I discontinued our relationship with Cingular at the end of our Service Contract.....within the hour of my call our phones were electronically locked up by Cingular.

Verizon Wireless is our current carrier.

We have little to no problems with dropped calls or signal coverage.....

Can you hear me now?
Cingular Sucks!

200512.04 - SPAM is Theft

The legislation passed aimed at prosecuting and punishing the purveyors of Unsolicited Email (AKA SPAM)
seems to have done little more than drive these Scum to move their operations outside the US, beyond the reach of our laws.
I am so SICK AND TIRED of getting all of this crap in my InBox.
The endless pitches for Breast and Penis Enlargement pills/devices.
Ads for Internet Porn. Viagara prescriptions.
The endless variants on the Nigerian Email Scam. And don't get me started about the Phishing attempts!
Of course these Spammers know that it's improper Netiquette AND Illegal to send this tripe, so they have to hide behind spoofed Header Data, or Zombied computers like the Rotten Cockroaches they are.

Luckily Theft is Theft wherever you go. So lets prosecute these Spammers for theft!
You're wondering how is it that we could prosecute Spammers for theft?

Let's break it down here:

Who is it that said that Time is Money?
There are those that argue that it's only mere seconds out of your time. But those seconds add up.
I get over 100,000 emails a year with 30-50% being SPAM.
Lets Do The Math:
In one Year.....On my end, that works out to 30,000 to 50,000 Emailed Items Of SPAM!
Allow 1-5 seconds to identify and delete, and that works out to about 8.3 HOURS to 2.9 DAYS per year of MY TIME Wasted!
If this Time Wasted was equal to what my Employer pays me, that would be the equivalent of $115 to $970!
To put this wasted money in perspective, $970 is more than what I pay for One Month's Mortgage!
Now lets multiply this by the Thousands, Hundred Thousands, and Millions of Paying Users
at Internet Service Providers across the US alone and that adds up to a huge chunk of change of wasted Time/Money
Lets also factor the time/personnel at the ISP level that's wasted on dealing with SPAM, insted of enhancing and improving the actual service that your ISP provides.
Now we are looking at untold Millions, perhaps BILLIONS of our money wasted through lost Time AND Productivity.

Therefore SPAM IS THEFT! ..... QED

Let prosecute these ****-ing Bastards to the fullest extent of the Law!!!!!

200511.26 - Dear NFL: Los Angeles wants an Expansion Team!

Los Angeles wants a football team. Yes, we want a football team......but not anyone else's football team.
We got burned by the Raiders moving back to Oakland, and then a huge Bitch Slap to the face when the Rams went to St. Louis.....
AND then added insult to injury by winning the Super Bowl, something they seemed incapable of doing when they played in LA.
In short we want. No, we DEMAND an Expansion Team.
We don't want some other city's leftovers, we want a Whole New Team!
If ever there was a need for LA to further establish it's identity in the world of Professional Football we need a fresh start.
If we get someone else's team, all the talk will be of comparison.
A new team would be a great boost to LA's morale, not to mention another source of neglected and untapped revenue for the NFL since the Raiders and Rams jumped ship.
I even have a suggestion for a name of this expansion team that bears mentioning and reflects LA so well.....

How about the Los Angeles Gridlock?


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