The PENFOLD Gallery

All measurements in millimetres

This is just a small representation of my works,
I'll be adding more to this page so watch this space!


"Chess Set For The Visually Impaired"
(Stoneware massing model) Use of material textures allows identification of either Black/Glazed (smooth) or White/Unglazed (rough)

"Pyramid Cat House"
Put Pyramid Power to use for your favourite feline! Built to scale of the Great Pyramid, align the midpoint of any side perpendicular to Magnetic North and reap the mysterious benefits of the ages! Carpet cladding supplied by Bentley Mills Inc.


"Industrial Strength Dream Catcher"
Chrome Hoop (freecycled), 1/8" Wire Rope, Wire Rope Clamps, 5/8" Galvanized Nut [1105 diameter]

"Señor Muerte"
Stoneware and Mixed Media. Nightlight/Incense Burner [400 x 220 (with base)]

"Cat01 and Cat02"
Stoneware [140 x 80 (Cat01) 300 x 140 (Cat02)]

(two different views)Paper Sculpture [460 x 150]


"Warhol's Teapots" Amiga & Deluxe Paint IV

"Cat" Amiga & Deluxe Paint IV

"Rosito Ergo Spam" Amiga & Deluxe Paint IV

"Punch-Thru 01-09" Amiga & Deluxe Paint IV
(Click to see larger image[195K])


Stained Redwood Lattice Spa equipment cover and Spa Gazebo

Stained Redwood Lattice Contemplation Area

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Self Portrait as Terran 23 Stamp

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