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"The difference between Men and Boys is the Dangerousness of their Toys!"

"I am a Trained Unprofessional!
So Remember (all together now.....), Do Not Try This At Home!"

I've always been a bit of a Pyro, even as a kid.
The picture above is of Yours Truly having a little fun with a $25 Roofer's Torch (my 'Dangerous Toy') purchased from Harbor Freight Tools and modified with a 10 foot hose.
I've since added a backpack rig to hold the 20# tank which also can be inverted to create a 8 to 12 foot plume of flame.
A stunt like this is not for the unprepared or the faint of heart. I take precautions to provide myself with Fire Protection. Many thanks go to Wally Glen aka Pyro Boy for his invaluable support and sage advice on Fire Performer Safety.
In the photo I am wearing Three layers of protection

The Burning Man Festival is truly a Pyromaniacs Holiday. This is where is used to do most of my performances.

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Self Portrait as Terran 23 Stamp

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