Yours Truly, PENFOLD: Postman of the Playa
Many thanks to for this pic of me taken at the Lazy Camp Cocktail Party

Who or What is the Postman of the Playa?

First, to set the record straight.....what I am not one of these people who have also been participants at numerous )^( festivals.

The Disgruntled Postal Workers

The two easiest ways to tell me apart from these people is that:

  1. I do NOT pack heat! I go around completely unarmed
  2. I'm not screaming four-letter words and being generally nasty

I'm the opposite of Disgruntled.
I am Black Rock City's Gruntled Postal Worker.

What does the Postman of the Playa do?

What I do is to provide actual off-playa mail delivery of the mail to the Gerlach, NV Post Office.
All the outgoing mail I collect is inked with a special commemorative stamp designed and hand-carved by myself.
The stamp is destroyed at the end of the festival, creating a limited edition work of art of unknown quantity.

Does the Postman of the Playa ink the stamp only on outgoing mail?

I don't limit my stamp to just the mail. I have inked passports (real and commemorative), personal journals, and body parts.

Is the Postman of the Playa a real Postal Worker?

In fact, the wearing of a uniform of a Postal Worker by non-authorised personnel is a Federal offense! So it's kinda fun in a way that i'm flaunting the law by simply wearing the outfit!

What are these inked stamps the Postman of the Playa mentions?

I've made more than just a single commemorative. I've also made stamps for other camps and villages.
)^( 1997 stamps

LEFT - )^( 1997 Commemorative, RIGHT - Blue Light District Village 1.0
)^( 1998 stamps

)^( 1998 Commemorative, Camp Camp, Camp Indulgence,
Blue Light District Village 2.0, Gigsville Village 1.0, Frequency Publica Radio
)^( 1999 stamps

)^( 1999 Commemorative, Blue Light District Village 3.0, Burning Bell, Gigsville Village 2.0
)^( 2000 stamps
No Image Available at this time
STAMPS FOR: )^( 2000 Commemorative, Gigsville Village 3.0, Love Camp, Lazy Camp
)^( 2001 stamps
No Image Available at this time
STAMPS FOR: )^( 2000 Commemorative, Gigsville Village 4.0, Insecto Circus

Will the Postman of the Playa be at )^( 2002?

Sorry, I've got Playa Burnout. Five years in a row of planning and attending takes a lot of your time. I'll be finding other ways to participate. I'll still hand-carve some stamps and I've been asked by the Black Rock City Post Office Camp to design their pre-cancellation stamp.

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