Our House: 200805.13

It's not botox, it's a paint job!

body of house: Dunn Edwards "Swiss Coffee"
trim of house: Dunn Edwards "Wreath"

Landscape Rendering for Front Yard Redux

We finally have a plan!
If you have previously visited this page,
you've seen previous attempts to re-landscape the dead barren expanse left to us by the previous owner(s?) of our humble abode.
We received a consultation & plan as a Father's Day gift from my Sister's family.
My Brother-In-Law, Rob Moore has his own landscaping business:
California Native Landscape Design
the title of which is pretty explanatory.
This dovetails nicely with our plans for a front yard that utilizes the beauty of our native plant species & the conservation/sustainability advantages they contribute.

Not much to show at the moment
What's going on right now is the drawn-out eradication process of cool season grasses & weeds

All done up for the Holiday Season
Please appreciate the irony of the 'Bah Humbug' sign which required the use of Holiday Lights to create!

Need a Snow Day?

All Spooked out for Halloween!

I like to get into the spirit of things


Laundry Scoop curtain

Behold the Utility/Laundry room!
The previous owners stuck up an inexpensive paper shade over this window.
I've been narrowing it with a pair of scissors as I've added panels.
I still need 120-150 of these to make ~6 more panels.
Any donations are appreciated

IKEA Hack: Kids' Room

Swapping out the fan's existing light fixture for an IKEA SMILA SOL Kid's Ceiling Lamp.
This project can also be seen at the IKEA Hackers website.

North Side

Although little-used & seldom seen. The North side of our house bordering our neighbour was a dark & weed infested space & invaded by rogue ash saplings
(courtesy of the millions of seeds spawned by the tree we removed from the front yard THREE years ago!)
A day's worth of Ash eradication & application of vegetation killer,
& another day's work laying down weed barrier fabric & *lots* of decorative white marble chips, makes this side of the house just a little bit nicer....don't you agree?

Urbanite Wall

The Urbanite Wall is FINISHED!!!!!

The eastern edge of our property in our back yard slopes up to the cinderblock wall that demarks this edge of our space.
The re-use of the otherwise discarded concrete from the replacement of the front walkway and the city's cross gutter replacement project, provides me with an inexpensive Building Material for the retaining wall
This project will result in a small terraced area in which to eventually plant an herb garden & a place for my cactus collection
(currently residing on the Parental Units backyard deck).
Rather than deal with the hassle of hauling & disposal of the concrete (AKA: 'Urbanite') pieces, they will be recycled & re-used to build the wall.
I utilized some of the dirt left over from the Grassing-In of the N side Front Yard to back-fill the wall.

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Self Portrait as Terran 23 Stamp
Peter Isaacson

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